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I'm a Mother to grown children,
A FULL-time Grandma and a Veteran.
I'm a Photographer and an Artist...

I love Sangria, dancing, and anything that makes me laugh!
I've been a photographer for over 30 years and when I retired from the Military I decided to turn my experience and love of the art into a degree.

My passion is maternity and newborn photography. I enjoy making Mommy-to-be feel beautiful and special during her photo session and nothing is more gratifying than capturing those first sweet images of a tiny human's life!

I also enjoy taking pictures of “life as it happens” and it is always my goal to capture that one image that tells the whole story.

I love old, abandoned buildings and other symbols of bygone days, and I’m always curious to know the story behind them. Why were they forgotten? Did someone lose their lively hood; or pass on to the next realm, leaving them to fall through the cracks; or was there a painful breakup and no one could bear to deal with it? By what event were these decaying examples of Americana consigned to oblivion?